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Devrio offer automation and robotic services mainly in the manufacturing industry. Our expertise is to design special applications where timing between different process of a machine is critical. We excel in control, vision application, motion, real-time processes, data analysis and critical decisional algorithm.

In the past years, we acquire the ability to design different kind of application using all kind of feedback and control devices, all under the same platform and programming language. (vision camera, servo-motor, sensors, database, images processing and manipulation, etc.). Our custom vision systems are good examples. They are powerful for inspecting all kind of parts and can act as a deterministic feedback for controlling mechanism. (Ex: guided system, inspection application, cutting application, part manipulation, etc.)

Our controllers are rugged, embedded and computer-based. They have the processing power of a computer and the reliability of PLC. Controllers can operate under a real-time operation system (Linux RT) or under a normal Microsoft Windows OS. The OS choice will depend on your application.

Controllers also have a reprogrammable FPGA (hardware power) allowing to program logics between inputs and outputs at a frequency up to nanoseconds. This capacity of programming FPGAs brings an incomparable opportunity when designing a machine that cannot be implemented with traditional PLCs.

We have a good experience in technical and management challenges. For this reason, we offer services from turney solutions to hourly consulting services.


  • Programming (NI LabVIEW, cRIO, cDAQ, IC, CVS, NI Vision)
  • HMI, realtime system, vision applications, custom motion controller, image manipulations, FPGA
  • Area and linescan camera
  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Data Acquisition and analysis